We are pioneers in
cardiovascular medical solutions. Technological leadership and inventive concepts.

Novel quantum leap DES/DCB technologies
to treat coronary and vascular artery disease.

Dear physician and patient,
we invite you to learn more about us, our expertise, and our technologies by viewing our innovative cardiovascular medical devices.

We, at Cardionovum have one common mission. Maintaining our technology leadership and realising innovative medical device concepts. For the best patient treatment, today as well as in the future.

Cardionovum feels competent for further developments in leading edge technologies. Our clinically proven products set the benchmark for further medical therapy solutions.

Cardionovum has a full R & D portfolio and promises more exceptional medical devices to be launched into the medical market to keep up with and set therapeutical trends in cardiovascular medicine.


Pioneers in medical devices.

The worldwide first CE-approved DCB.

In 2007 Dr. Michael Orlowski introduced the first CE mark approved Drug-Eluting Balloon Dilatation Catheter to the market.

With the first DCB market introduction the founder of Cardionovum contributed significantly to the establishment of a new medical device therapy to treat coronary and peripheral artery disease effectively. The treatment of coronary stent-associated patient problems, like in-stent restenosis (ISR), and the treatment of peripheral artery lesions by a DCB have become the preferred treatment standard.

Cardionovum consists of R & D staff, with the longest and most profound experience, in developing of clinically advanced DCB and DES cardiovascular devices.

The progress never stops.

Development of next generation
DCB & DES cardiovascular devices.

Thanks to the professional experience in drug releasing balloon catheter technologies, Cardionovum provides the safest DCB quality, which protects the physician against from physical contact with the cytotoxic drug Paclitaxel during catheter preparation. The unique ‘SAFEPAX’ drug coating quality provides additional therapeutical effects for the long-term benefit of the patient and the health system.

The novel ‘Prohealing’ and fully bio-absorbable coronary and vascular scaffold systems have already passed phase II of the R & D program. Detailed information will be published shortly.

The exceptional clinical performance success of our next generation Drug Releasing Balloon Catheters is supported by multiple clinical study results, and will be continuously monitored by the Cardionovum market surveillance study program.

Continuing its innovative path, Cardionovum developed APERTO, the world´s first high pressure Paclitaxel releasing shunt DCB for the effective treatment of shunt stenosis of hemodialysis patients. Thanks to its high Safety Profile, the APERTO Shunt DCB was CE mark approved, exclusively for the treatment of AV fistulas and shunt graft stenosis.

The Cardionovum
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Since the beginning in 2013, Cardionovum is represented in more than 40 countries worldwide and still growing.

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