Paclitaxel Releasing Peripheral
Balloon Dilatation Catheter

Treatment of CLI patients with complex anatomies performed by Dr. Koen Deloose, Dendermonde, BE

These case reports describe the disease of the patients and the possibilities and limitations
the users had to treat the patients in the best possible way.

Case 1

LEGFLOW 0.014”- BTK treatment of left anterior tibial angiosoma
in an extended vascular history 84y male patient.

  • You can find nice description on our technology at min 1:59
  • From min 12:20 to min 15:00 you can see how LEGFLOW® performs in a “very high grade stenosis” and
    you can hear Dr. Deloose’s point of view and tips about DCB use in BTK treatment.
  • Min 19:30 to 21:00 how to avoid DCB geographical mismatch in a very long occlusion

Case 2

LEGFLOW 0.035” + LEGFLOW 0.014”- 87y female, POPa (POPliteal artey) and
BTK treatment in right foot non healing ulcer.

  • Min 1:45 to min 3:41 tips on DCB use in POPa treatment and very nice description on our coating benefits.
  • Min 4:32 to min 5.30 second LEGFLOW® in “P2” segment (distal part of Popliteal artery)
  • Min 13:17 to min 15:20 treatment of anterior tibial artery occlusion with two LEGFLOW® (Tips and tricks)
  • Min 15:42 “…..the result is quite impressive in my opinion…”

Case 3

LEGFLOW 0.018 – TASC D lesion, 85y female, 99% stenosis in proximal left SFA and
an occlusion in “P2” segment of SFA (distal part of artery), over all: 35/38 cm lesion length.

  • Min 5:20 to min 6:00 advantages and benefits of 018” platform
  • Min 7:43 to min 11:20 tips and tricks to treat very long and calcified lesion with “…not that bad result! Eh?” (no dissection, no scaffold needed and high run-off flow rate


The LEGFLOW® DCB performance showed in all the 3 cases very positive outcomes in
different clinical situations like COSA as well as high-risk patients.

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