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The HYPER Study Findings: Hybrid Approach with Restore® DEB Shows Promising Long-Term Results

Dott. Ielasi (Milan, Italy) speaks to Radcliffe at EuroPCR 2024 congress held in Paris (France) about the results of the Hyper Study 2-years Follow-up.

In this video interview, Dr. Ielasi explains the technology behind the Restore® drug-coated balloon (Cardionovum®) and its advantages. Furthermore, he offers a comprehensive analysis of the HYPER Study, elucidating its methodology, participant selection criteria, and clinical outcomes.

Specifically, the 1-year outcomes revealed that DoCE was 3.7%. Subsequently, an extensive 2-year follow-up demonstrated a DoCE rate of 4.6%, maintaining stability up to the 3-year analysis.

In conclusion, the HYPER Study demonstrated that the hybrid approach combining a drug eluting stent with the Restore® DEB is not only feasible but also associated with very high procedural success and a remarkably low 1-year DoCE rate. These favourable results remain consistent over the 3-year follow-up period.

View the full video at: https://www.radcliffecardiology.com/video-index/hybrid-approach-cad-restore-deb-use-and-clinical-outcomes-hyper-study

Dr. Alfonso Ielasi - The HYPER Study Findings

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